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Tailored solution for anyone who decides to invest in Portugal in a safe and informed way.

LEGAL SPACE is a team of experienced lawyers with a vast presence in the real estate sector in Portugal. We develop solid professional relationships with banks, real estate agents, architects and other key professionals in the sector, ensuring that our Clients’ decision to invest in the real estate market in Portugal will become a reality without unpleasant surprises.

We are frequently approached to solve problems regarding the legal status of the properties acquired, as it might not correspond to what buyers had presumed and they were unaware of their true legal or administrative situation.

According to our experience, we – LEGAL SPACE – recommend that, before signing any purchase and sale agreement, the buyer should request legal support, so that the commercial, legal, environmental, administrative, urbanistic and tax situation of the respective property that you intend to purchase can be verified.

We develop and ensure all the preparatory and pre-contractual steps, covering all the aforementioned areas, in order to confirm that the property does not incur any liens, charges or even limitations, and that, if it exists, its verification and extinction are ensured before the conclusion of the purchase and sale contract.

Don’t make mistakes that are easy to avoid and hard to fix.

With regard to purchasing operations, we provide full services, ensuring that customers receive the best possible advice and benefit from a hassle-free transaction.

It is important to keep in mind that real estate transactions can be very common, but they are also usually the biggest and most important transactions that our clients make in their lives. For that reason, we ensure that their rights are properly protected at all times.

We complement our legal services with other areas that may be involved

We complement our legal services with other areas that may be involved,
essentially, with migration law, tax law, offering personalized assistance to clients who wish to settle in Portugal and take advantage of the Non-Habitual Resident tax regime or obtain visas and residence permits.

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